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What about developing deep and meaningful relationships? ...While we party?

Hi, we are Slightly Social Club. We offer a spot where you can dance, art, watch movies, read books, meditate, do yoga, make great friends AND party -- all under one roof. 

Slightly Social Club is a Private Member Network, which means all Members have the same legal protections as they would in their own home. We are lazer-focused on fueling a creativity-based Economy.

Think: YMCA + Bazaar + Nightclub. We believe in letting robots do the robot jobs and paying people to do what we were designed to do...Innovate & Create!

You might think that this is just a hippy-dippy dream, something that was "over" after the Flower Power Era. 

But guess what? Thanks to leaps and bounds in Automation, we no longer have to force people into doing boring, repetitive jobs. In fact, we are fighting FOR these dissatisfying jobs, since there's no alternative market! 

Slightly Social Club is the alternative market. We combine health, education, fitness, product creation and ENJOYMENT to pave the road to a healthy and sustainable future.  

We're not doing anything new, we're just bringing all the things you love to do together with all the things you "should" do, adding your friends to both places and WABAM! Now being fit, fun and proud of it can be cool and profitable. 

This could be the future... We just need a liiiittttllleeeeee seed fund to convince all the club owners and yogi masters  that we're serious. 

Click this little button to give us the push we need to create the future we want! Thank you! _()_>3


Slightly Social Club is dedicated to enriching the lives of our Members.  We are an all-inclusive space. We aim to fulfill all of your connection, creativity and communication and healthy living needs. If there's something we missed, please reach out to us! 

Free Yoga

Nourish Your Mind, Body & Soul

| Yoga Practices | Meditation & Mindfulness Practices | Emotional Intelligence Training | Stress Management Techniques | Goal Setting Workshops | Life Coaching Opportunities |

Party Time!

Hang Out or Go All Out? It's Up To you!

 | Komedy | Movie Nights | Book Club | Game Nights & Tournaments | 

Art & Paint Nights | Family Friendly & 21+ Dance Parties | Flow Jams |

Writing on a Notebook

Sharpen Your Skills of Learn Something Totally New!

| Continuing Education in Dance, Music & Art & Writing | Language Training | Apprenticeship Programs | Member-Led Workshops | Communication & Problem Solving |  Makerspace Equipment Training | Life Skills Training |

College Friends

Everything You Need to Form Lasting Relationships!

| Matchmaking | Family Involvement | Community Building | Flow Spaces | | Meeting Spaces | Volunteer Opportunities | 24-Hour Access |

Image by Gleb Makarov

Earn a Living Doing Something You Love!

| On-Site Shop Selling Member Creation | Performer Marketplace| 

Jobs to Support The Club’s Infrastructure |  | Idea Marketplace | Arts 

| Education & Language Teachers |


(515) 303-6669

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