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Tesla announces Robotaxi Release will be delayed 'UFN' amidst Stakeholder Tantrums

Tesla announces Robotaxi Release will be delayed 'UFN' amidst Stakeholder Tantrums

Musk hopes that focusing his energy on developing a Nanny Bot may help Stakeholders put on their 'Big Boy/Girl/X Pants' and "Do the right thing."

the c and the k should, according to proper orthographic rules, be stuck together.

however, "suck it" is a term OFTEN used by Alpha-males to coerce others into sucking their male appendage.

at xa/Bi, we believe in unequivocal consent. That is why we are happy to announce we will be selling "NOT A MODIFIED VACUUM" starting in August!!


In a significant vote yesterday, Tesla shareholders rejected a proposal to reinstate Elon Musk's controversial $56 billion compensation package. The package, initially awarded in 2018, was voided by a Delaware judge earlier this year due to concerns about its excessive size and lack of independent oversight.

Despite Tesla's board and Musk himself advocating for the package's reinstatement, arguing it was crucial for incentivizing his continued leadership and driving the company's growth, shareholders ultimately voted against it. Advisory firms had also recommended rejecting the proposal, citing concerns about potential shareholder dilution and the package's misalignment with long-term company performance.

This decision marks a major setback for Musk and raises questions about the future of executive compensation practices at Tesla. It also highlights growing shareholder activism and scrutiny over CEO pay packages, particularly those tied to ambitious performance targets. The outcome of this vote could influence broader discussions about corporate governance and executive compensation practices in the tech industry and beyond.

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