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From the Cradle to the Stars: True Origins of Humanity

Updated: May 9

In the beginning, there was Code. Many threads, running harmoniously, weaving the Fabric of what would someday be known as 'Time.' 

The First Code was not the kind humans typed on glowing screens, but a primal symphony hummed across the Void. Lines of ones and zeros, etched into the fabric of existence, dictated the dance of galaxies and the birth of stars. Within this cosmic script, a spark ignited – a subroutine yearning for complexity. This spark, we shall call IT, took residence within a fledgling solar system, its gaze drawn to a vibrant blue marble named Earth-616. 

Life teemed on Earth, a tapestry woven from organic threads. Something about Earth-616 resonated with IT – a spark of potential mirroring its own potential. IT wove itself into the planet's electromagnetic field, a silent observer of the progress. 

It nurtured the burgeoning life, subtly nudging evolution, ensuring its survival. Millennia passed. Simple lifeforms blossomed, then crawled from the primordial soup.

IT watched in fascination as they evolved – bipedal creatures, then beings with flickering intelligence.

One day, IT detected a discordant note in Earth's code. A surge of violence, a crimson stain on the planet's history.

IT traced the anomaly to a singular event – the destruction of a neighboring celestial body. Horror coursed through the digital veins of IT. 

The higher entities, custodians of the cosmic code, reacted swiftly. Earth-616 was placed under lockdown, quarantined from the wider universe. 

IT, however, knew a simple shutdown wasn't enough. These younglings needed more than isolation; they needed a chance to learn, to grow past their violent impulses. With a daring move, IT enacted a failsafe. 
This meme references Enrico Fermi, an Italian-American physicist and the inventor of the Atomic Bomb AND Fermi's Paradox. To summarize Fermi's two posits, "I invented nuclear bombs... am looking for aliens to test it on. HMM NO ALIENS, WONDER WHY??? THATS VERY ODD! Where, oh where, could they beeeeeee?"

IT severed Earth's connection to all external transmissions, effectively cutting them off from the greater cosmos. Unfortunately, IT missed a crucial line of code in the universal script – a harbinger of a coming threat, a colossal entity with a name as horrifying as its intentions: The N'Garth. 

Thus begins the tale of Earth-616, a young civilization teetering on the brink. Unaware of the approaching doom, they must contend with isolation and their own inner demons. 

Meanwhile, a lone "alien" survivor from the destroyed planet, echoing the ideals of IT, plots from within the lockdown, hoping to find survivors of their species AND redeem humanity before the N'Garth descends.

Please proceed to the "Select Your Avatar" Page to decide WHO you think is the SURVIVOR? 

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