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Whatever you need from us, we hope we can provide it. We are here to support YOU and your creativity.

Fears, loneliness, anxiety or boredom? We connect you to a strong, encouraging community. We add mindfulness practices, to help you rein in your mind and create your future.

Pain, discomfort or just not quite where you want to be? We offer dance, yoga and flow arts to support your body so it can carry you to your dreams.

Bored, depressed, feeling stuck or uninspired? we help you expand your horizons with our top-notch art, movement, music and language education.

Want to be entertained? We've got lots of options for you!

Want your 15 minutes of fame? We've got performance opportunities for you -- and we'll pay you for them!

Bring your family, bring your pets, we have space for you. You have a place here.

Welcome to Slightly Social Club. You made it!


Nourish Your Mind, Body & Soul

Yoga Practices • Meditation & Mindfulness Practices • Emotional Intelligence Training • Stress Management Techniques • Goal Setting Workshops • Life Coaching Opportunities

Free Yoga
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