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Image by Fidel Fernando


Something for Everyone

Dancing in the Mist


We offer a way for you to move and groove, no matter what your schedule looks like! 

Daybreaker Parties: An early-morning yoga flow followed by an amazing dance session to get you up, get you moving and get you motivated for the day.

Kid-Friendly Parties: Day parties focused on staying sober while letting all your wiggles out. Be a kid again!

21+ Parties: Nighttime parties where sobriety is optional as long as you remain kind, respectful and always get consent before engaging with another person.

Outdoor Movie


A fun, no-stress way see a great film and connect with your community.

After each film, you have the option to stay and discuss what you took out of the film and see how that compares to what others took from it. 

There is an optional dinner available before each film if you want to make a whole evening of it! We also sell popcorn and artisan snacks crafted by fellow Members.



Do you constantly vow to read more, but never seem to remember to do it? Book Club is an exciting way to challenge your mind as you build great friendships with those around you.

You get to read, analyze and discuss your interpretation of the reading material. You'll also gain insight into your how your fellow Members think when you hear their interpretations. Book Club is a mentally stimulating way to bond deeply with your community.

We invite you to make an evening of it by taking part in the optional dinner will be provided beforehand. Artisan snacks from other Members will be available for purchase.

Board Game Fun


Challenge your friends to a healthy competition. Both board games and video games will be provided after a meal is served. ​

Tournaments have a small entry fee. Winners will walk away with bragging rights and some great, Member-produced swag, gift cards and other neat prizes!

paint easles


A fun way to light your creative fire and try your hand at a new art form. Following an (optional) healthy meal, teachers will provide you step-by-step guidance for creating a beautiful piece of art which you can take home or sell in the On-Site Shop!

Image by Dmitry Dreyer


A Flow Jam is a practice space for "Flow Props" - hula hoop, staff, poi, levi wand, juggling, etc.

It is the perfect time to to practice your new moves and get inspiration from other flow artists!

Each Jam will begin with a 30-minute tutorial, after which the teacher will be available to help you troubleshoot. Plus, you’ll get to check out other Members’ great moves and swap tricks. You'll be an expert in no time!

Youth Dance Group


All Students of our Block Classes are invited to participate in the weekly exposé. It will be recorded so they have a way to track their progress.

Audience Members get to vote for their Top 3 performances or art pieces. The Top 3 will be featured on our Social Media platforms, and will be offered a paid performance opportunity at an upcoming Dance Event or Party!

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