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Family Fun in Field


Having a healthy family situation is crucial to a person’s happiness. With our daily child care and dog care, we make it easy to join in and bring your family along. 

We require that you do at least one activity of your child’s choosing with them per week you are using this service, to help you create a stronger bond.

We require you attend at least one dog training class per week. Different training levels are available.

Dancing At Wedding


In our open gym/recreation space you can come move, groove, dance and flow however your heart desires. Some flow props will be available for checkout and you are always encouraged to bring your own. 

Open flow practice is a great time to make friends with similar interests, practice together and keep each other motivated.

We highly encourage Members to meet up and flow together, and have a functionality on our app to post your schedule so others can easily join you.



If you need a quiet space to drink a coffee, work on your laptop, or have a meeting, these spaces are perfect for you.

We have two private rooms that can be reserved to ensure peace and quiet and one large, open meeting/social space.



We understand that the creative life, especially when you are also juggling work, kids, or school, can come at crazy times. 

We provide 24-hour access to our social spaces, meeting rooms, flow spaces, game room so that no matter when inspiration or the need to connect arises, we are ready for you!

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